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Andy Ho



‘Work needs energy to propel. Energy comes from inner drive of personal interest and passion. Passion is about our heart and will. My passion sprouts from the pursuit of aesthetics and love of art. Art perpetuates. Life achievement has no unanimous definition. To me, enjoying life at something you have passion is an important one.’
Andy’s propensity to art and design came early in life. His father was an ivory carver. Sometimes he needed to help working in workshop besides studies. Growing under this environment, his interest and aesthetic sense towards art and handicraft was thus brewed since a young age.
Graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University in Fashion Design (BA HONS), Andy won the HK Young Talent Award as presented by HKFDA, Winsor Award and Koo’s Scholarship. He worked for a British company in charge of whole design process from research to overseas presentation. Frequent trips to Europe and meeting overseas buyers help him understand the European market and taste. Fortified with this accumulated knowledge and experience, he decided to create his own label in 2003 – ‘N.DI.KARLUV’.
Having a great penchant for travelling and art is the main stem of his design inspiration.
Andy loves travelling to exotic places like Zacgorsk, Seville, Granada, Petra, Prague, Luxor, Eger, Santorini, Dahab, Jerusalem, etc. He appreciates different bric-a-bacs and objet d’art of these places. Through travelling he keeps his perspective towards life and art broadened. He is deeply enchanted by the uniqueness of different culture. A french phrase ‘Culture en travers’ becomes his design inspiration and he in interested to study how different cultures can interplay with each other innovatively, aiming to create a new and unique style as his own signature.