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Adriana Alier

Adriana Alier for Rosa Clara – PA Exclusive to POSH Bridal Lancaster

Based in Barcelona Spain,Rosa Clara distinguished itself and became an iconic brand in the European bridal industry by emphasizing fashion, creativity, quality and exquisite attention to detail.

The fashion-forward collection is inspired by times of joy, optimism and prosperity, defined by the 1920′s fabulous flapper looks in TV shows like Downton Abbey and timeless Hollywood celebrities of the 1950′s like Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly.

Every bride dreams of the perfect wedding; from the gorgeous location, to the flowers, the rings, the food and the cake. By far the most important element for any bride is to feel beautiful and confident on her big day – and Rosa Clará know that starts with finding the perfect dress. Rosa’s dream is to help you find the perfect wedding dress for you.
The Rosa Clará Collections are the result of her dream, a dream that goes back to 1995 when, after working for several years in the bridal world, Rosa realized that the sector was missing one of its essential defining traits: fashion. Rosa knew then that she had something important to do – to contribute more creativity, bring more innovation, and above all, more design flair to the sector.
Alongside a group of professionals, Rosa Clará started down a path filled with challenges, some difficulties, but also opportunities. And after years of hard work and keeping focused on her dream, her first successes started to happen. Filled with great hope, new ideas, and relying on her creativity and careful care to detail, Rosa has been able to create attractive and innovative collections that have captivated national and international markets.