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What is Bridal Couture?

August 31, 2014 - -

Bridal couture is a descendant of the grand traditions of Haute Coutre. But the designation of Couture Bridal is more confusing since there is no government sponsored entity to define and uphold standards. Couture Bridal involves limited production, made-to-order gowns actually created by named, living designers using the highest quality silks and laces. Often hand finished with quality details, laces and trims.

Posh is pleased to offer you true bridal couture gowns from Janell Berté.

  • Each gown is designed by Janell Berté. The original garments are draped and patterned by hand.
  • An individual pattern is created for your order. Because of this critical step, we are able to adjust the features of a gown to your request.
  • Using the finest Italian woven silks, the fabric for your gown is spread and inspected, and only then, cut by hand, one gown at a time, using old-world methods.
  • Our laces are French. Many are created on looms more than a century old, and then embellished in the style of Lesage.
  • Our crystals are Swarovski® painstakingly sewn by hand to your gown.
  • Select embroideries are custom designed by Janell Berté then stitched by hand in India, by fairly paid artisans.
  • In select designs we use real freshwater pearls, hand sewn to your garment and never glued.
  • Skilled artisans, many with more than 20 years bridal experience stitch your gown and attend to the dozens of details.

Because of these and many more factors, each Janell Berté gown is a true bridal couture gown — an individual work of art — ready to adorn you on your most important day.

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